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Presently, air pollution has become a serious concern to focus on. Due to proliferated industrialization, it has become mandatory to control air pollution as it causes life-threatening diseases. And to start doing this, it is mandatory to control the air pollution inside the industry itself, where a huge amount of contaminated gases have been produced every day. This is especially applicable for the manufacturing industries like welding stations, etc.

For the aim to arrest the contaminated fume generated from the manufacturing industries before emitting in the environment, Powertech the leading Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturer pollution control device manufacture has come up with a range of pollution control devices which can eliminate any sort of fume extracted from manufacturing industry. This pollution control device which is sold under the brand name FumeKiller comes with different suction capacity and can eliminate fume completely and make the environment feel with oxygenated air which is conducive for the worker and reduce worker absenteeism thus increase productivity.

Being promising Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturer we additionally safe environment for workers also lead to reduced compensation claiming which is why company expenditure. Our of any pollution control devices, some of the device even control mist produced from coolant and some other industry and helps prevent the work surface to get slippery and accident-prone.

To help the society tackle with this issue, we, a team of qualified and experienced professionals Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturer from the air pollution control mechanism industry have come up with advanced Electrostatic Filtration method to control the air pollution. We make use of a two-stage electrostatic filtration, which is the most renowned and trusted technology for controlling the airborne particulates.

These filters are used by the giant organizations and set ups like Wipro Fluid Power Limited; Toyota Motor Ltd, Bharat Electronics, and TVS Motor Co. The use of this product controls the air pollution and minimizes its hazardous effects on the ambience around.

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