Mist collector

Mist Collectors in Bangalore for Industrial Usage

Mists and fumes can be dangerous for the industrial setup. It endangers the end result and also threatens the working conditions. Gradually, industries and organisations are shifting to the use of Mist Collectors in order to help them tackle this menace. These mist collectors work on the basis of a high speed rotor located in the centre. When the machine is started, this rotor starts to collect the fumes and mist. All the air loaded with these impurities is drawn to the centre. The centrifugal force of the machine is able to make the tiny mist/dust/fume particles collide with each other and then unite hence forming liquid droplets. This liquid is then collected through the funnel and used for industrial purposes. The big advantage is that since the centrifugal force is high, all the dust and dirt starts to settle at the bottom giving you clean and easily usable liquid.

Why Powertech?

This is a specialised Mist Collector developed by Powertech Pollution Control. It has been created using insights from the industry to understand exactly how the process can maximise the benefits for the business owner. The machine reduces the load on the rotor guaranteeing that the device will last really long. Even the draining system is pressurised to ensure that the filtering is adequate.

The machine enables it to work on low power consumption and still exhibit high levels of efficiency. This unique feature makes the device an extremely cost effective investment for thousands of business owners. It comes with a detailed technical chart to ensure that the operator has complete access to all the specifications. At a minimal investment, the device actually guarantees excellent returns in terms of streamlining the business process.

Versatility at its Best

The Mist collectors are equipped with modular components that optimise its versatility. Once installed, users need not bother about extending applications and spending money each time. At Power Tech, we understand the complexities involved in an industrial set up and therefore believe in developing instruments that help in simplifying the complexity and at the same time guaranteeing affordability. These devices are truly an effort in this direction. The device comes with a hassle free maintenance procedure allowing users to use it comfortably. Even the filter covers are easy to remove. They can be conveniently cleaned and replaced each time the need arises.


The Mist Collectors Machine is extremely lightweight as well as compact. Therefore, it can be accommodated in relatively small spaces. Additionally, relocating the device from one address to another is not at all time consuming. Also, Power Tech guarantees complete sales support for each device sold by the company. Working as an extended team, their focus is always on ensuring that business owners gain maximum leverage. Apart from the mist collectors, they also offer a series of other devices that can actually help in various other industrial processes. To know more about, how the device can benefit your set-up, get in touch with the Powertech Team