Powertech Products

We offer a comprehensive range of products, designed to meet specific needs of industries:


Dust Bag® , dust collectors, are fitted with Non-woven polyster fabric capable of capturing dust particles as small as 10 microns and are designed, developed and manufactured by us


Mistkiller™, is a trademarked,high-efficiency centrifugal mist collector , designed , developed and manufactured for the control of most types of mist , generated by the use of water-based coolants...


Fumekiller® – Electrostatic Filtration System is a high-efficiency two-stage electrostatic precipitator, designed, developed and manufactured for the capture & control of fumes, mist, smoke & fine dust.


Dustkiller® – Dust filtration system, is a high-efficiency, two-stage electrostatic precipitator, designed, developed and manufactured by Powertech Pollution Controls Pvt. Ltd.


Dustkiller®-Bio is a dust and bio-particle controller , incorporating state-of-the-art electrostatic filtration technology , combined with germicidal ultra-violet(UV) light and filter media impregnated..

Extractor Arm

The Extractor Arm is a device which allows the user to position a suction hood to capture fumes or dust close the generation spot with complete ease and flexibility

Welding fume extractor manufacturers

Welding Fume

There are various types of industrial processes that are incomplete without relying on welding. When it comes to the industrial manufacturing unit, welding requires to be conducted in a specialised environment.

Mist Collector

Power tech is not a new name in the industry. It is well known company into pollution control which manufactures fume extractors of utmost quality in India. The fume extractor’s brand name Fumekiller ® is a renowned brand in the market.


The soldering fume extractor manufacturers by Power Tech helps collect the harmful fumes emitted by the PCB Soldering station. To maintain a healthy work environment and minimise the diseases caused by toxic emissions.