Dustkiller®- Bio

Bio particle control (Bacteria, mold , Fungi)

Dustkiller®-Bio is a dust and bio-particle controller , incorporating state-of-the-art electrostatic filtration technology , combined with germicidal ultra-violet(UV) light and filter media impregnated with silver(Ag) and titanium di-oxide(TiO2) nano particles. It is designed and manufactured by Powertech Pollution Controls Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India.


Dustkiller®-Bio is an airborne pollutant control equipment ,which can capture and control atmospheric pollutants as well as bacteria , fungus and mold(bio-particles) in any closed area, air-conditioned or otherwise .The units are compact , standalone and fitted with wheels for portability The electrostatic filter modules can capture particles as small as 0.01 microns which includes bacteria , fungus and molds. Additionally,,germicidal ultra-violet lamps and pre/post filter media impregnated with nano particles of silver and titanium di-oxide aid in capturing and rendering bio-particles non-viable .


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Dustkiller®-Bio o is a dust and bio-particle controller used as a primary or supplementary device in any room where dust control and bio-particle control is required. These devices may be used in Operation Theatres, Intensive Care Units, Patient Care rooms, Recovery rooms and similar areas. Standard sterilization and disinfection procedures such as fumigation, germicidal UV sterilization, wipe-down, etc are used in all or some of the above areas to control dust as well as bio-particles. Once these procedures are over, the room starts deteriorating over time. By installing and running Dustkiller®-Bio units in these areas (the number of units will be based on the criticality of dust and bio-particle control in the room), we can maintain good control of pollutants in the room over time as long as the Dustkiller®-Bio units are in operation. The units can be left running continuously for excellent control results .

How it Works

Pollutants including dust ,bacteria , fungus and mold enter the Dustkiller®-Bio through the suction inlets (1) carried by the air stream provided by an in-built low-noise suction fan (2). Pollutants enter the nano-particle impregnated prefilter(3) where a part of dust and bio-particles are captured and rendered non-viable. A pair of germicidal lamps(4) placed immediately after ,aids the prefilter.The remaining pollutants enter the electrostatic modules (5) where, between a series of parallel aluminium plates, they are subjected to +ve and -ve electrostatic charges. The pollutants are captured on the plates just like iron filings are attracted to a magnet .The pollutants remain on the plates even when the electrostatic filter is switched off. A second pair of germicidal lamps(6) and a nanoparticle impregnated postfilter(7) render the remaining bioparticles non-viable. The air, now devoid of pollutants, escapes through the outlet (8) of the system as clean air. The filter modules are continuously bathed in the germicidal UV light to render captured bio-particles non-viable.


(Electrical power should be disconnected ) Regular maintenance of the Dustkiller®-Bio units should be carried out by trained personnel . The electrostatic filter modules are to be washed periodically using pressurized water at around 110bar near an Effluent Treatment Plant . The UV lamps and sensors are to be wiped with a dry , clean lint-free cloth . The pre and post filter media is not washable but is to be replaced periodically . AC mains power ON ,UV lamps fault as well as machine fault indicators(9) are provided along with an LCD display(optional) which indicates the particle count in the room for PM2.5 and PM10 particles (approximate running average value) . Castor wheels(10) are provided for portability.

Technical Specifications for Dustkiller®-Bio Model DKB500DP
Features Model : DKB500DP
Air flow capacity 500 Cu mtrs per hour(CMH)
Input Voltage 230Volts + /- 10% , 50Hz
Power consumption 50watts - power pack for electrostatics & control electronics 140watts – suction fan
Filtration method and filter type Pre filter : MS frame with reticulated foam impregnated with silver (Ag)and titanium dioxide(TiO2) nano particles. TiO2 nano particles activated by UV light .Not to be washed. Replace periodically.
Post filter : MS frame with reticulated foam impregnated with silver (Ag)and titanium dioxide(TiO2) nano particles. TiO2 nano particles activated by UV light. Not to be washed. Replace periodically.
Filter Modules: 2nos electrostatic modules ( Al , SS, ceramic). Many times washable and re-usable.
Filter efficiency Better than 95% for atmospheric dust and bio particles
UltraViolet Light Germicidal , 15 watts each (4 nos)
Suction inlet 3 nos grill sections at the sides and front towards lower part of the enclosure
Clean Air outlet / Noise level dB Grill section at the top of the enclosure facing front/62dB
Additional features UV lamp fail indicator , PM2.5 & PM10 particle count LCD (with acceptable/not acceptable) display(optional)
Dimensions(mm)LxWxH 440 x 410 x 1150 (including wheels)
Weight Approx.70kg

* Due to continuous innovation, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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