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Mistkiller™: The Ultimate High-Efficiency Centrifugal from the leading mist collector manufacturers

We are introducing Mistkiller™, an innovative and trademarked high-efficiency centrifugal mist collector manufactured to the highest standards by experienced mist collector manufacturers. Crafted precisely and designed for excellence, Mistkiller™ is the ultimate solution to combat the numerous mist types generated by water-based coolants or liquids. As one of the industry’s top mist collector manufacturers, MistkillerTM uses high-speed centrifugal liquid collection technology to redefine efficiency, sustainability, and worker safety. 

Mist generation remains a pervasive challenge across many industries that employ water-based coolants or liquids. The issue spans various sectors, from manufacturing to machine, and it demands an effective solution to maintain air quality, protect machinery, and ensure workforce safety. This is where MistkillerTM, a well-known brand among mist collector manufacturers, steps in, giving a radical and all-encompassing method of mist control. 


The revolutionary idea of fast centrifugal collection is at the core of MistkillerTM. This state-of-the-art device effectively separates liquids from the air by harnessing the strength of rapid rotation, guaranteeing that only clean, pollutant-free air is sent back into the environment. 

This innovative technique optimizes performance and drastically reduces maintenance and running costs, making Mistkiller™ a cost-effective and sustainable choice. 

The Mistkiller™ unit features a robust 2-pole, 3-phase induction motor paired with a powerful suction fan, both meticulously engineered by our experienced mist collector manufacturers. The motor and fan are protected by a Direct Line (DOL) starter to ensure smooth operation, extending the lifespan and reliability of the device. The efficient elimination of mist produced by this combination of cutting-edge components makes the workplace safer and healthier for workers. 

The extraordinary adaptability of MistkillerTM is one of its distinguishing qualities. This high-efficiency centrifugal mist collector, designed and developed by reputable mist collector manufacturers, is expertly engineered to address mist challenges across industries. MistkillerTM emerges as a trusted ally in all water-based coolant processes, including metalworking, CNC machining, and other operations. Its application versatility demonstrates its superior engineering abilities and persistent dedication to satisfying industrial objectives. 

Mistkiller™ goes beyond being a mere solution; it’s a proactive investment in the well-being of your employees and the efficiency of your operations. These machines are essential in reducing the potential health concerns associated with mist exposure because they capture mist on the shop floor at its source. Creating a safer workplace is a legal need and a moral duty that MistkillerTM faithfully fulfils. 

MistkillerTM offers a significant advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness in addition to the advantages for health and safety. The efficiency of high-speed centrifugal collection translates into cheaper operational costs, and its design minimizes maintenance requirements. This translates into actual savings, which makes MistkillerTM a wise investment with both short- and long-term advantages. 

MistkillerTM is known for its consistent performance and little periodic maintenance. This demonstrates its dependability and guarantees the continuity of your production processes. You can concentrate on your core business operations, knowing that mist-related problems are effectively handled in the background when you have MistkillerTM.  

With years of experience in industrial emission management, Power Tech Pollution Management Solutions, a famous mist collector manufacturer, goes beyond simply providing goods. Your assurance that MistkillerTM is more than just a piece of machinery; it is a carefully thought-out solution tailored to your particular needs comes from our expertise.

MistkillerTM is proof of creativity, effectiveness, and dedication to a more wholesome working environment. It is designed and constructed to the highest standards as a high-efficiency centrifugal mist collector from a reputable mist collector manufacturer, and it offers a solution to a wide range of mist-related problems. MistkillerTM ushers in a new age in mist control with its cutting-edge technology, cost-effectiveness, and extensive support, protecting the health of your personnel and the effectiveness of your operations. Choose Mistkiller™ from a leading mist collector manufacturer and breathe easy, knowing that you’ve invested in the future of your workplace. Our expert team of welding fume extractor manufacturers stands ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Don’t compromise on mist control—choose Mistkiller™ for superior results. 


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Mistkiller™ can be used effectively for the capture and control of mist generated by the use of water-based liquids , typically from CNC and nonCNC machining , cleaning chambers , spraying systems , etc. The mist condenses inside the Mistkiller™ and the condensed liquid may be drained out into the generating equipment for re-use . The Mistkiller™ can be machine-mounted (built-in stand) or mounted on a separate groutable stand . Interconnection between the generating source and the Mistkiller™ uses a flexible or rigid PVC duct with the pollutant being sucked through an exhaust port on top or the side of the generating equipment.

The Multifaceted Significance of Mist Collectors from the prominent mist collector manufacturers

Advantages of Mistkiller™:

The epitome of creativity, effectiveness, and dedication to a healthy working environment is MistkillerTM. It is designed and constructed to the highest standards as a high-efficiency centrifugal mist collector from a reputable mist collector manufacturer, and it offers a solution to a wide range of mist-related problems. 

Mist collectors' function in industrial settings

Mist collectors have emerged as essential components in various industrial settings where mist generation is common. These mist collectors, expertly designed and manufactured by reputable mist collector manufacturers like Mistkiller™, serve critical roles in enhancing air quality, maintaining workplace safety, and preserving machinery and equipment. 

Let’s delve into the multifaceted significance of mist collectors in different industrial sectors: 

How it Works

The built-in suction fan driven by an induction motor provides a powerful suction which sucks the mist into the Mistkiller™ through the exhaust port of the g enerating equipment and the connecting PVC duct . A prefilter (optional) consisting of a small chamber with aluminium flakes provides the initial gross filtration of the mist . The high speed rotation of the special suction fan generates a centrifugal force which throws the mist against the inner side of the Mistkiller™ enclosure . The mist condenses under this pressure and the collected liquid flows down through the PVC duct and returns to the generating equipment for re-use . The outlet of the Mistkiller™ is provided with foam / steel media used as a postfilter . The equipment requires just periodic washing of the mesh prefilter and the foam / steel postfilter with a high pressure water jet .
Technical Specifications*
MK1000/1hp/1.5hp MK2000/2hp/3hp MK3000/3hp/5hp
Suction capacity 1000 Cu mtrs per hour(CMH) 2000 Cu mtrs per hour(CMH) 3000 Cu mtrs per hour(CMH)
Input Voltage 415V + /- 10% , 50Hz 415V + /- 10% , 50Hz 415V + /- 10% , 50Hz
Filtration method Primary filtration : centrifugal Secondary filtration : mesh prefilter (opt) & foam post filter Primary filtration : centrifugal Secondary filtration : mesh prefilter(opt) & foam post filter Primary filtration : centrifugal Secondary filtration : mesh prefilter(opt) & foam post filter
Filter efficiency 98% for water-based mist 98% for water-based mist 98% for water-based mist
Suction Fan/motor Centrifugal ,0.75 / 1.1Kw , 3-phase 2-pole Centrifugal ,1.5 / 2.2Kw,3-phase 2-pole Centrifugal, 2.2 / 3.7Kw,3-phase 2-pole
Dimensions(mm) 425 dia, 950 ht incl built-in stand, motor 525 dia,1250 ht incl built-in stand, motor 750 dia,1450 ht incl built-in stand, motor
Weight Approx.30kg Approx.60kg Approx.80kg
Mounting CNC machine mounted (built-in stand) or groutable pipe stand CNC Machine mounted (built-in stand) or groutable pipe stand CNC Machine mounted (built-in stand) or groutable pipe stand

* Due to continuous innovation, specifications are subject to change without notice.