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Mist Collectors

Pollution minimizing by high-speed centrifugal collection of liquid pollutants.
Maintaining a healthy environment

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Fume Extractor

Controlling Pollution and used for the removal of fumes, mist, fine powder, smoke, and fine dust particles

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Dust Collector

Dust bag removes dust from most of the dust generating sources like tool & cutter grinder/cast iron machining.

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Installation worldwide

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Welcome to Powertech Pollution Controls - Mist Collectors


The automobile industry uses welding fume extractors , oil mist collectors , coolant mist collectors , dust collectors , extractor arms , to capture and control fumes , smoke , mist and fine dust generated from welding operations , CNC machines , deburring , grinding , oven exhaust , genset exhaust , diesel fired boiler exhaust , annealing , electroplating and many other operations which may generate smoke , mist , fumes or fine dust.

Light engineering

Light and Heavy engineering industry uses our Fumekiller® , Dustkiller® , Mistkiller™ , DustBag® devices for capture and control of fumes , smoke , mist and fine dust generated by various processes on the shop floor.


The food industry uses our devices suitably modified for sanitation and hygiene , with fire-proof motors , food grade enclosures , food grade filter cartridges , fire-safety features including CO2 fire suppression and safety fire dampers.


Electronics and Electrical industry uses or devices for capture and control of soldering fumes , Cable cutting dust , curing oven smoke , grinding, copper dust , etc.

About Powertech

It has become mandatory to control air pollution in various industries as it causes life-threatening diseases.To start with ,it is imperative to control pollutants inside the shop floor. We , at  Powertech provide innovative solutions in pollution control devices . We have designed a range of devices which can eliminate most types of airborne pollutants generated on the shop floor . Our air pollution control devices are sold under the brand names Fumekiller®  , Dustkiller®  , Mistkiller™  , DustBag®. Suction capacities are determined after a site study involving shop floor employees and seniors. We follow guidelines laid down by ACGIH ( American Conference for Governmental Industrial Hygienists )  We have carried out individual , semi-centralised as well as centralised extraction projects on turn-key basis for reputed companies in India and abroad . 

Product line

We manufacture welding fume extractor manufacturers, soldering fume extractors , genset exhaust controllers , oven exhaust controllers , oil mist collectors , smoke extractors , under the brand name of Fumekiller® . Dust collectors are manufactured under the brand name of DustBag® . Centrifugal mist collectors are made under the brand name of Mist collector manufacturers. Room air cleaners are manufactured under the brand names of Dustkiller®  and Dustkiller® -Bio .

Esteemed Clients


Why Powertech?

These systems are highly efficient (90% to 98%), use 40% less power, have very low maintenance,use permanent , many times re-usable filter media ,and can capture particulates down to 0.01micron level (theoretical limit of 2-stage electrostatic filtration), and are ideal for the capture of fumes, smoke,oil/coolant mist and fine powders with the additional advantage of possible reuse of the collected oil/coolant or powder.

These Filters may also be used for Clean Room applications of upto Class 1,00,000, and as efficient prefilters for higher class of Clean Rooms (where the life of expensive terminal HEPA filters can be extended by about 3 times).

Our Team

The Managing Director – Mr. Philip Thomas, B.E. (Hons.) Electronics, B.E. (Hons.) Electrical, M.B.A has over a decade of Industrial experience in senior management positions . With his association with the Semiconductor industry, he initiated the design and manufacture of Electrostatic Filters using state-of-the-art technology.

Our marketing team consists of engineers, who will undertake technical site study and suggest the optimal solution. The company has a team of dedicated representatives in place , throughout India, who will provide excellent application study and service backup, to solve most of your problems concerning airborne pollutants. Quality Control is an obsession through out the organisation and is evident in the list of our highly satisfied customers.

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