Fume Extractor System Design

Fume Extractor Power tech is not a new name in the industry. It is well known company into pollution control which manufactures fume extractors of utmost quality in India. The fume extractor’s brand name Fumekiller ® is a renowned brand in the market. The company has even got fame in the international market as it not only manufactures the product but also exports it. The suction capacities of the fume extractors are quite high and ranges from 250 cubic meters/hour (CMH) to 8000 cubic meters per hour (CMH).

The idea of the organisation is to create such a device which is very efficient in pollution control. Therefore, the Fumekiller ® works on the basic principle of an electrostatic filtration which equips is to control the fumes/microscopic dust/smoke, thereby reducing the pollution. It is a very handy product for controlling the pollution and therefore is extremely used for the removal of fumes, mist, fine powder, smoke, fine dust particles and many other such places. The following sources are the key sources from wherein the dusts & fumes come:

  • CNC and non-CNC m/cs
  • Electro-discharge m/cs
  • Hardening -induction process
  • MIG/ TIG welding
  • The hand & wave soldering
  • Dip tinning
  • Exhaust of the diesel gen-set/Furnace
  • Furnace Exhaust
  • Spark erosion m/cs
  • Die-casting fumes

All the dust & fumes from the above sources can be tackled from our devices. The fume extractors which we manufacture can also be fitted with the self-balanced extractor arms of the varied lengths to provide with an extra flexibility in capturing the fumes. The product has been specially designed to cater to all the pollution issues.

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