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Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturers

The soldering fume extractor manufacturers by Power Tech helps collect the harmful fumes emitted by the PCB Soldering station. To maintain a healthy work environment and minimise the diseases caused by toxic emissions, it is essential to install pollution-minimising machines.

We manufacture soldering fume extractor for heavy-duty industrial applications; the fume extractors are portable and can be used installed wherever it is necessary. They have 3 stage filtration for extracting the contaminations and filtering them. With our quality products and brilliant service support we have become a leading soldering fume extractor manufacturer.


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What does a soldering fume extractor do?

The soldering fume extractor efficiently absorbs the harmful fumes extracted during the soldering process. As a result, minimising the pollution caused by the soldering process helps you create a cleaner environment for your employees.

The contaminated air is sucked through the ducts, and it passes through several layers of filters wherein the particles and toxic gases are separated. A steel mesh is used to clear out large particles, whereas a delicate fabric removes tiny particles.


  • Our soldering fume extractor is equipped with carbon filters to filter out minute impurities.
  • The extractor is designed to suck more through a suction pipe/hose.
  • It becomes easy to transfer it from one place to another as it is portable.
  • The fume extractors are ideal for working 24*7 without interruption.
  • They also consist of three-stage cleaners, which are responsible for high-purifying capacity.
  • The filter is easy to clean.
The responsibility of keeping industries pollution-free has increased and also led to a higher demand for pollution-controlling machines. For our current requirements and future, it is essential to make choices that will protect nature while increasing our capacity to produce goods.

As a responsible manufacturer, it is essential to build products that add environmental benefits and help minimise pollution. In addition, it is necessary for employees’ health.

Power Tech has been a name for quality and durability for years; the products are ideal for minimising pollution. We have made industrial manufacturing an environmental-friendly process with our technologically advanced products.

We have become a leading soldering fume extractor manufacturers with the quality we present. We always aim at providing you with the best quality with the help of our modern machines and an unwavering team of professionals.

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